Papalopulu Lab

Nancy Papalopulu’s lab at the University of Manchester.

Papalopulu Lab
Lab post Brexit
Papalopulu Lab

The University of Manchester
Faculty of Biology, Medicine & Health
Michael Smith Building
Oxford Road
Manchester M13 9PT

Latest publications

Sabherwal N,  Rowntree A,  Marinopoulou E,  Pettini T ,  Hourihane S, Thomas R,  Kursawe J,  Soto Ximena , Papalopulu N. Differential phase register of Hes1 oscillations with mitoses underlies cell-cycle heterogeneity in ER+ breast cancer cells (2021) PNAS, InPress

Marinopoulou E, Biga V, Sabherwal N, Miller A, Desai J, Adamson AD, Papalopulu N. HES1 protein oscillations are necessary for neural stem cells to exit from quiescence. (2021) iScience, InPress

Burton J, Manning CS, Rattray M, Papalopulu N, Kursawe J. Inferring kinetic parameters of oscillatory gene regulation from single cell time-series data. (2021). J R Soc Interface. 2021 Sep;18(182):20210393. doi: 10.1098/rsif.2021.0393. Epub 2021 Sep 29. PMID: 34583566; PMCID: PMC8479358.

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